07 March, 2011

It's in my blood. Yes in my blood

Hello people! yeah I'm back by public demand... Hehehe yes I guess I'm the winner of bad blogger award ( or at least nominated for that category) so I would like to thanks to... my crazy exams, my try out schedule because without you guys there's no chance I could got this award ( hahaha... still got that Oscar fever ) Okay! I'll stop jocking around... hehehe

Soooo yesterday, 6th March is my sister birthday! Kak Cheche! Happy birthday!!! tsk, you knew already that you, papa and kak Nini means the world to me , so there's nothing that can make happy than seeing you happy, this is not just talking, I really mean it. If I have a singing skill I will singing this song for you, but since my voice is like a quacking duck so I will take some words from the song for you, it's a song by Lee Ann Womack, this is my wishes for you, here it goes :

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder. You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger. May you never take one single breath for granted. God forbid love ever leave you empty handed. I hope you still feel small when you stand by the ocean. Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens. Promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance I hope you dance I hope you dance.

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance. Never settle for the path of least resistance. Living might mean taking chances but they're worth taking. Loving might be a mistake but it's worth making. Don't let some hell bent heart leave you bitter. When you come close to selling out reconsider.Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance . I hope you dance.

So this post is dedicated for my sister, and I'll tell her a glimpse of her you might want to know ( because it seems that some of you always curious about my sisters) so I'll try to describe her as good as I can. Her full name is Ferani Taskia Kirana I call her kak Cheche. she's the middle child in my family, and I believe talent is her middle name, oh my! she's full of talent ( yeah I envy her) sometimes is so hard for me to catching her up, I have to run fast or I'll be far behind. Her drawing skill is mad, her photography skill is mad, not forget to mention her editing skill ( she's already working in Axioo Photography (one of the best wedding photography in my country) as photo editor even before she graduate. She go abroad by herself, no need any money from my daddy, and not just that she also flew to other town to be a judge for national photography competition along with marvelous maestro photographer Arbain Rambey and she's doing all that when she's still 20 years old. Ugh.

She's also my teacher ( no she might not the one who take my pictures, my other sister who took it, I'll tell about her in some other time, and when she give me the permission, hehehe) but she's the one who thought me about photography, drawing and everything. Yes she's all that, but for me the best part of her is that she loves me, I know she did, she show it in her own way. She might never say it because I know she's not a type that can saying I love you out loud. But it's love, you don't have to say it. Because I can feel it alright. So I hope you can feel that I love you too kak! *a thousand wet kisses! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! stay cool!

So this is her : ( and oh, yes two sister is so different just like day and night, one is so warm and cheerful and the other one is so quite and cold, and me? I'm mixed up. hehehe so you might guess which sister kak Cheche is, the cold or the warm one?




and this is some of her hand drawings back in college, too bad she's not drawing anymore...


I know you all going to say... whaaat no outfit post??! after one month?! okay okay.. lets calm down and take a deep deep breath. There's nothing to be worry about, because I will post an outfit today! yeeeaaayy meee!!!! hehehehe

Take a look at my post title above, I'll tell you the reason behind that title. Many people asked me, where do I got my fashion skill ( still wondering thou, what fashion skill??! hehehe) and why I'm in love with fashion in my very young age? well in poetic way I'll say love have no age limit, but in serious matter I'll say : It's in my blood, yes in my blood. I don't know how and why, I just do.

So it's a benefit from having two older sisters I have so many fashion magazine to read, and they fashion spread are mad! insane! so classy, beautiful and everything. I love every single page of it, always wondering how to make such a beautiful piece of art, ah I mean clothes. I almost think there's some magic tricks behind it. So many couture playing in every single page of it, clothes that I can only imagine about. There so many piece that captivated me, but there is one piece of couture that I'm drolling over, and just like want to tease me it keep showing out in many magazine that I read, yes that one piece of couture ( I don't even know what it's called , cape? cropped blazer? what?) I don't even bother to look the price ( yeah you all know it will say : price under request) which means it might be millions! I don't even bother to ask my dad, he will only laugh. I bet he will.

But something are just meant to be my friend, so one day my sister come home and she show me this clothes catalog ( I love clothes catalog) and I'm going gaga! it's that cape catalog!!! yes exactly the one! not look like, not inspired by. it's the one! along with other collection. But what a bad luck, no price is written. I asked my sister is she might know how much that collection is, and her answer is a thunder in the middle of the day. A THUNDER! A BIG ONE! she said "I'm not sure, sure it's expensive, I'll ask kak Ines if you so curious" kak Ines is one of my cousin her real name is Shahnaz Soraya but I call her kak Ines she's in fashion design major, I heard that she also won the best jury in her final collection graduation from Esmod. cool right? . so I asked again "how kak Ines knows about the price?" and another thunder strikes a BIGGER ONE! "because she made it, it's her brand" I'm faint.

I'm begging my sister to call kak Ines. I want it sooooo freakin baaaad!!! I have to wear it! I need to see it! my skin need to touch it! or at least smell it. Seriously. So over the phone I asked kak Ines, and oh well. take a deep breath fellas. She said yes!!! that cape and other collection!!! see something are just meant to be. Just like me and that cape. we are made for each other.

Like that's not even enough, when I get the clothes it's also with the accessories, kak Ines is collaborated with G.H.O.S.T to make accessories for her collection. It's crazy right? ( I always in loooove with G.H.O.S.T !! always!) so now I can check one of my dream list. it's said : "wearing futuristic couture" check! hehehe. So you all might seen this piece in many high fashion magazine, and now I wearing it! cool right? ahh couture...

after some thinking, I made a conclusion why I love fashion? with me, kak Ines and other family member that I know also have big love for fashion. I maybe can say, It's in my blood. Yes in my blood. Thank you kak Ines, you just made one of my dream come true! you got yourself a thousand wet kisses too! Hehehehe.

so ready guys?!!



























all clothes are Nez

all accessories are G.H.O.S.T

boots are from ZARA

I'm the luckiest kid in town or what? It's night already, I have to go to bed, see you next month, err just kidding! I mean next post! hehehe. Night all! kiss kiss!


Anonymous said...

these robes (or cape, like you said) are sued for being UBER COOL! please send warmest regards for your cousin chaa, i'm sure she's the next big thing in Indonesian fashion world :D:D

err anyway the outfits are perfectly in your size. i thought since you're still 12 and all of the outfits are enlisted in the catalogue, it would not fit you yet hehe.. did she remake them just for you?

Irvina Lioni said...

awesome :D

Amalia Hani said...

i love this post!!!it's cool
my mouth was open when i looked this post!!!
yes, you're a luckiest kid!!!!
and i love your poses's really like a professional model!!

Anonymous said...

Rani must have proud to have a cute sister like you. I've known Rani since high school, and you're right, first time I saw her she's goddamn talented.

Goodluck with school and stuff, say hi to Rani from Teng2 :D

dunia kecil indi said...

aaaah, chacha, finally kamu update juga blog'nya. welcome, ya dear :) first selamat ultah ya buat kakakmu, dia (termasuk kakakmu yg lainnya dan papamu, bahkan mama) pasti bangga punya kamu yg hebat banget :)) aku suka tulisan kamu, mengalir. waktu aku seumur kamu mungkin buat nulis paragraf pendek aja harus diem lama2 didepan komputer.
btw, i miss your bang :S semoga di post selanjutnya balik lg, ya.. hihihi. tapi kamu selalu keliatan cute, gimanapun juga :)
oya, kalau ada waktu, kunjungi blog'ku ya. hope u like it ;)

thwany said...

your hair esp looks great, love all the photos.

Anonymous said...

whoaa, amazing Lady Gaga look!! :D

you really are a lucky kid! ^^

say happy birthday to your sistah for me!

have a sweet week!

My Heart Blogged said...

You have such great style. You sisters sound amazing. Those photographs were really pretty.
My Heart Blogged

Riumni Ulya said...

Yay! You are back! You are absent from blogging for a month long. How could you survive without blogging, dear? Hehe
Well, your sister is extremely talented !! And your cousin too! I guess you both will be the next big thing for fashion world honey.
I dislike people call you "Tavi from Indonesia" why? Because you just who you are. You aren't tavi, but it doesn't mean you aren't better than tavi, YOU ARE, dear! You are better than Tavi herself, I should said so.
Ehm *clearing throat* is it serious? Woaaah but the important thing is you are back!
These outfits you wear are UBER COOL and so fit you dear. You look like a professional model, even more! :D
You are very stylish in a very young age =.= chacha, would you love to be my sister? Lol
Sorry for long comment! I hope you visit me back just say hello. Btw I'm from Rainbows of Riumni, but I've changed my blogtitle into RainbowScapes, would you love to relink me?


Riumni Ulya said...

PS: good luck for the school! Say hello to your sister and cousin :D


Unknown said...

oh my GOD those dress are amazing! The necklace too! Really really love this post!
Happy Birthday to your sister :)

Tatiana Romanova Surya said...

evita! you look uber cool! apparently talent is one thing running in the family ;)
*with best wishes for your sister

Hanifa said...

wow you're so ... I don't know what to say .
Is there a word more amazing than amazing ?!
I really wanna say that !
Cool stuff dear .. I'm so happy cause finally you post again after a month . You're kinda disappear and I really miss youuuuuuuuuuuu *and you're post of course*
Keep facinating !
Je t'adore !! =*


you are the next big thing, dear. like seriously :)

Pramudita Puspita said...

Oh my my my evita i love you.

Maya Floria Yasmin said...

you're look so beautiful evita :*

Myrzananda Hepi Darmaditya ▲ said...

I really do love those kind of accessories. Lucky you, Evita! I really love that :)

hunzipheartcore said...

ade evita.. kamu cantik banget dehh.. :), kakamu juga cantik.. she looks juts like you.. she's rawkinn.. :).. you're getting older and love the change.. adorable dear.. yg bikin kamu beda dari yg lain, even older than you that you don't like to push the envelope.. i mean, though you seldom posting in your blog you always come up with something different and lovable.. ahh i just want to interview you right awayy... :) thanks de evita.. Happy birthday for your sister too.. :D

Anonymous said...

wow, you are really great, and your sister too, send my kisses to her

L.O.V.E.FASHION. said...

Oh god !! ini beneran keren abis Cha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lalala said...

your sister so gorgeus.. i love her look.. and the outfit surely fit you.. i also like those fashion and excellent work i must say to your sister... :)

Unknown said...

aaaa, i saw this collection on G.H.O.S.T's official blog long tim ago, and it turned out to be ur cousin's line?

it definitely IS in ur blood! haha
have a nice day, girl!

Dana Paramita said...

you always give amazing posting and outfit <3

Anonymous said...

beautifull eyes :)

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

These pictures are just so awesome! You never fail to impress me! These outfits reminded me of Lady Gaga :) Great pictures!


Miy said...

Super cool! You're such a lucky girl..

The Picnic Girl

regina stacia abigail said...

hey evita! you look like lady gaga on this post:) cool....

dont forget to check on mine at

Pramudita Puspita said...

Hi evita, i make a post about you. hope u don't mind to visit, here is the link:

Unknown said...

Well ,actually i have just seen your link through .. She was talking about you and I got intrigued. Woa~~ You are way too young but you can actually dress up like that? Amazing. :)

Anonymous said...

super cool, super great, super duper boom bbaaa, i like it, ilike it, ilke it, aha..aha... hehehehhee

you are absolutely a great kid, stay cute right, and keep posting!!!!

and once again, i like you more.. than tavi, i'm serious, tavi may be has a double lucky may be, i mean how she can be sooo famous :)

Puwi said...

astaga! foto kakakmu keren bgt cha! sm baju2 yg kamu pakai jg makin canggih!!

Indah Nainggolan said...

whoaaaaa, i love your outfit so much and beside that, i love your sense of humour, really!!when you joking about oscar fever, I laughed a lot!!ahahahhahahahaaaa

Anonymous said...

your outfit is always cool, great, so that's why I can't wait for your next post... Happy birthday to your sister. :)

Arnold Teja said...

I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH!!! The necklace is so gorgeous! One word: AMAZING!


Dini said...

kewlll aaaa in love with those boots :D

so happy you're showing back after milleniums of emptiness. I know 6th grade are the hardest days on elementary, so good luck! happy birthday to your sister. and kak ines's design is very inspirating.

Anonymous said...

ooooh evita, mature bgt disini
and you know what, your face are really pretty, bener-bener tampak jelas bgt sekarang, ga ada poni dan kamu cakep lho klw digituin rambutnya
really cool, dan beda dr yg sebelumnya
love you evita

Gyanda Agtyani said...

Whatta small world. Turns out that ur a lil cousin of my childhood bestfriend, Shanaz Soraya. I remember the time when we used to play her pollypocket's collection back then. Send my hello to her. And yes, she has a fabulous sense of fashion even when she was kid! :) - Gyanda

Ratih Ravenclaw said...

my boyfriend's birthday was on 6th march.. the same..
and BTW, i absolutely LOVE it!!!

Veren Lee said...

I always amazed by you, Evita. :D. Happy Birthday to your sis :)

not-normal said...

great blog!
love your pictures!
go on with your blog, it's awesome!

Anonymous said...

great job :)

Anonymous said...

Di foto-foto awal kamu terlihat lebih dewasa ya cha? maksud aku bukan dandanan kamu lebih dewasa daripada umur kamu tapi diri kamu terlihat lebih dewasa (hehehe udah mau SMP sih). Good luck ya, cha!!! o ya aku tebak yang lebih warm & cheerful itu kak cheche soalnya kalo aku ga salah, kamu pernah nulis kalo kak nini itu lebih galak hehehe

tiaraaa said...

chacha biasanya keliatan cuteeee, tapi yang ini chacha cantik banget! soo mature and pretty :D

stylefrontier said...

i saw shahnaz's collection on her graduation runway show and totally admire them
and yes you look awesome in them!!


Juliana Wina Rome said...

First, Happy Belated Birthday to your dear sister.
Second, you look pretty with the wet hair style.
Third, I love the song you put in.
Fourth, it's so touchy how you describe the love to your sister.
Fifth, really nice picture designed from your sister.

dyputr said...

Omg, are you sure you're still 12?
You're so frickin oh-some! =))
Love every single stuffs shown in this post! Those futuristic thingies are so cool.
Keep rockin', kid. I'm watching :)
Happy birthday to your sister :)

Unknown said...

Hi, great photos!

My blog "(365) Days of Monster)" is over.
I hope you continue to follow my new blog



Oh dear I'm speechless. You're awesome :)

GO Green Indonesia said...

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Our campaign are sent via an email chain.

The idea of the campaign is to share information to one people we know, and then spread the information through an email chain.
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Rina said...

i love your style!

Lizelisabeth said...

Hey little fashion genius!! I've been admiring you and your blog since a looong time ago, but just commenting on your post just now. :p I've also been secretly proud of you being Indonesian! And, you probably don't care, but I've mentioned you in my recent post.

hug and kiss kiss,

eiphel mercedes said...

i adore your style, much :)
it seems like the younger you start blogging, the more you get your friends when you're old :D
nice nice

Tamara Suprobo Putri said...

ohmygosh at ALL your pieces! They're absolutely gorgeous. Love those dresses and the accessories <3


Slanelle said...

omg these clothes are fantastic! You look so grown up in the pics, awesome!

Anonymous said...


Sumayku Xena said...

w-o-w it's ultracool!
it's a bit GAGA-ish, but it's still cool anyway! <3

-Me And My Sense-
Visit me!

Shaishalala said...

God bless you and your family!

Unknown said...

Hii, dropping by on your blog..
OHMIGOSH those dresses!!!!
...Too cool to be true. Awesome outfit post, dear! :)xx

Sonia Eryka

taufikmarasabessy said...

wow nice work here, thanks for following my blog. hope to work with you in the future sometimes :)

Yuri Arella said...

Love you at first sight. You're definitely a genious future superstar. Just like Lady Gaga said: "You were born this way" ;P

btw, I think I'm a big fan of your Mother. What did see do (or ate) untill she had 3 beautiful, smart, genious girls?? :D
Considering I have my own 3 years old daughter, that I hoped she could be like you. hehe,,,

Pramudita Puspita said...

hi evita
btw, aku ngasih kamu stylish award, tolong di cek di blog ku ya..ini postingannya:

Anonymous said...

dear lovely evita , I miss ur entry and at last , u post a new one !

feel free to drop by at my blog .

Hippiegonemad said...

evita... you're a genius!!! am your new follower!

lala said...

awesome!! :)

karen said...

aww your sisters must be very talented in photography, and so are you! And the outfit.. very Lady Gaga. :O But it's awesome!

You're so young yet your photography skill is stunning. You're amazing. <3

Lutfi Fadhila said...

i love you at the first sight. i wish i could meet you once ;)

LOLA FINN said...

You are so fantastic dear!

Women in Dress said...

wooow, amazing post. i luv it :)

Dyn said...

wow, your outfits remind me of gaga! LOL, looks like you're her mini version :)

Ykha said...

Just stumble into your sweet blog. I cant believe how young & extremely fashionable you are. And this post is making me miss my little sister so much...she likes to blog too, check it out if you like . Anyway just wanna tell you how much I love your blog. XOXO

Anonymous said...


Btw, you all are talented family^-^ I just knew that Kak Cheche is so talented too^-^ her drawing is amazing btw! Love it!!!

Evita, in 2018... will you use this kind of clothes again?^-^

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