10 November, 2010

I'm a creep. So, do I creeped you out?

Creep, weird, scary, wicked, twisted, you named it I got it, well to be honest I got it alot! I don't know why and how but there's quite number of people who thinks I'm either creep or weird. Gosh it's hard to be yourself these days, don't you think? I know and realized that I'm quite different with most of my friends, and seriously I can't even tell why. It's just me being me, and if it's creep then so be it. I always think about it, night after night what about me that makes people think I'm creep? what is wrong with me? what is wrong with the people? My friends and family said it's weird that I have so many black dresses, so many black clothes in my wardrobe. Even my daddy who ussually don't even care about what clothes I bought is almost screaming whenever I choose 'another' black dress, he said things like this "oh please not another black! We're not going to funeral everyday!" Geez dad... In my defense, who can reject a black cool dress? right? right!

Superstitious, it's something that I'm not. Seriously I never believe in such thing called ghost, but I do believe devil and angel does exist and I believe that put dream catcher does prevent you for having a bad dream. But not ghost. So since I don't believe their existence I never been afraid of them, so yes, I sleep in the dark. My friends find this quite weird, my friend even swore that he once saw a ghost in his home, and I told him "your eyes see what you want to see..." then again, okay just say that they do exist, what to scare about? from what I heard they can't touch you, they can't even speak to you. So? but no more argue , they can believe whatever they want to believe and so am I ... And so maybe, the fact that I don't get scared by ghost and my habbit to wear black old dress make them thinks I am a creep ( but since I have a very great friends now, they don't seem really to care, they only tried to tell a scarier story. not working... hahaha ) so yeah I tried to avoid wearing black when I'm going out and once in a while when we were watching scary movies I agree to shut up. Hahaha just so you know my friends hate watching scary movies with me, because I always said to them it's so weird that they frightened by those movies, it's a movie! for God sake, it's all fake! so yeah I always laughing when watching horror movie, thinking how hillarious the shoot must be, and hey at least I don't close my eyes when the ghost turn up, another thing I'm confuse about... you want to watch the ghost right? but then why you close your eyes when they showed, your paying for those ghost! take a look at it! but I'm a good friend there was a time when I try to analized them, and pretend to be scared too, just to have fun, hahaha and my friends always know it's just an act... hehehe so I guess I'm a bad actress,

Human, it's the answer if someone ask me what do I scare the most. For me human are the scariest creature God ever made. Because you will never know what their capable of, sometimes it's beyond your thoughts. You can never tell a human heart, you never ever gonna find out what they have in mind, sometimes I wish I can read minds, but then again, I probably gonna be to scare to use it, sometimes is better when you know nothing. I probably having some issue, I can't watch my mouth! I always telling what inside my mind. It's just come out. sisters always warn me about this, they said there's something to be said, and some are not. If there's a machine in human mind to filters that , well maybe mine is broken. I just can't help it. I'll say it to your face if I don't like you and vice versa I'll tell you I love you if I do like you. I can't pretend to like something that I'm not, for me another people ability to do that is something scary! how they do it is a big mystery for me. You see, you never like when someone lied to you right? it hurts your feeling, now tell me how am I suppose to lie to myself ? that both weird and feels not right. My sisters also told me that is something I must work on to survive in social world, yeah I'll try but I'm a bad actress remember? The best I can do is only shut my mouth up. So this is me, like it or not. You might like it and you might not, there's nothing I can do about it. But hey! take the good side of it, you will always know what inside my mind, there's no need to guessing around, that supposed to be make me less scarier right?

The most hateful evil in the world is the evil that dresses itself in such a way that men cannot hate it. The men that make wickedness beautiful are the most utterly to be hated.

HENRY WARD BEECHER, Proverbs from Plymouth Pulpit

A story to tell, so as you know it's hallowen last month, and just like other kid I'm so can't wait for hallowen party, I always like to dress up! So for this year I even already decide what I want to be month before Hallowen. I'm so excited, but when I asked my dad to buy me the costume he mad at me, a big time! he said our country is in big despair, people dies and suffer , there natural disaster here and there and still I have nerve to asked for costume party. He also said I should honour the victims, and just by donate some money doesn't mean it's over, he said I should give the victims true honour! at this time I should pray not partying! My dad also told me I might be just a kid and can't do much to help right now, but at least don't dance when others are crying, there's so many kids around my age that right now when we were speaking are crying , they hungry , lost their home and even worse lost their parents or family! he said again I should shame of myself and he never raised me to be a human with no heart. I was mad that time, but not to my dad, not to him. I mad at myself, I hate myself. What was I thinking ? So I cried, and run to my room.

Me, I always believe in power of a prayers, for me it's my way to communicate with God, to said hi, to tells God whether I'm doing okay or not. To tell God my gratitude. And I do believe in prayers the more the merrier. My dad was right, instead of dancing around I should pray. Knowing that the thing at least I can do for them, not just crying when I watched it from TV , not just tweeting about it . I should help in any way I can, and God knows I pray every single night. My dad always told me some quotes ( now you know why I always crazy about quotes) and one of the best quotes he ever said to me is from B. Graham Dienert , here's the words

" Many people pray as if God were big aspirin pill, they come only when they hurt"

and my dad always make sure he did not raised me to be such kind of people. Half and hour later my dad was knocked on my door, and when he saw me crying he said that I can go to the party, but no new costume party, instead the money should be donate. I told my dad I don't even want to go to the party anymore, and he was right, at that time I told him feel like the lowless human ever made, thinking about party while others crying. My dad then said that I'm not, I felt guilty and that means I have heart, that's a good sign, and he do raised me in a right way.

"Don't pray for lighter burdens, but for stronger back"

"Pray as though everything is depended on God, work as though everything is depended on you"
~Saint Augustine

So please people I'm begging you please. Wherever you whoever you are. Indonesian or not Indonesian please pray for my country, pray for the victims of the earthquake and the erruption. We really need it right now. It might not kiss their pain away, but maybe it would be nice for them knowing there's so many people care about them, that they are not alone. And if you like to help in other way you can check it in here Palang Merah Indonesia . And for all the family and the victims my biggest condoleus goes to you, I hope we eventually can kiss the pain away, and I hope it's true that time would heals.

"Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But hold it together when everyone else understand if you fell apart, that's true strength."
~ Anonymous

and I quote this from J.R.R Tolkien books, one of my favorite of all time books The Lord of The Ring it said :

"All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost, the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken, a light from the shadows shall spring, renenwed shall be blade that was broken, the crownless again shall be king."

And at that time to stop my tears my dad then jocking around that why the hell am I asking money for costume while I have big collection of scary black clothes that even scarier than any costume. He might be right. So here's I present you some of my clothes that I think have some hallowen vibe on it, what do you think? Am I a creep? or maybe the right question is do I creeped you out?

the time traveler









bowler hat : cherokee
black dress : from Japan ( the brand is written in japannese)
where's my key necklace : DIY! I made it myself :D
one ring necklace : guess
rings : jewelry by lushae , and many more
polkadot thights : kate spade
boots : zara

the witch lady









Hat : cascade
Dress : from Japan
spider brooch : unbranded
rings : random
tights : sox gallery
boots zara

The quite girl








vintage dress : from Japan
tights : kate spade
shoes : wondershoe

the evil twins
( you decide which one is the evil one...)



dresses : rosebud
tights : zara
shoes : wondershoe

the black rose girl




dress : my bad, I wripped the tag, it's itchy hehehe
tights : zara
shoes : wondershoe

The crawler














dress : again from Japan, and it's written in Japanese
where's my key necklace : I made it myself
one ring necklace : guess
rings : lushae, and others
tights : kate spade
pointy boots : zara

Such a long post aight? I hope this can made it up, because I know I've been a bad bad blogger, it's been one light years ago since my last post hehehe. It's night already and my nanny said I need to rest now, I've been sick for whole week flu and fever... but I feel much better now, thank you for all your get well wishes on my twitter! Love you! and I promise I won't crawl under your bed tonight... if you happen to see something, well it's not me.... hehehe

And oh just want to introduce you with this cool magazine! Style Sample magazine! seriously it's a very inspiring and cool magazine! and guess what? you can catch me on page 40! hehehe... check it in here Evita, Evita


Irvina Lioni said...

i love ur dress from japan. can I get it? hmm... envyyyyyyy -_-

Sarah said...

Evita you're so cool!

copyproof said...

seriously. those pics creep me out! haha ;) they're like something u expect from horror movies
so, good job, i guess, ;p lol

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

beautifully creepy :)
love the witch lady :p


Anonymous said...

Cool! But you look like a ghost Evita! Hahahaha! LOL!

Dreamy Princess said...

What a wise man is your dad.. aww..><

Honey, you're really such a creative creature! You made the necklace by yourself? that's awesome. And all those costume playing??? Gosh! You're the best!!

Dreamy Princess
~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

Unknown said...

wow! these are so inspiring!!!

xoxo from rome

Febriani Djunaedi said...

love your blog :) creative idea

Unknown said...

Loving the photoshoot so damn as usual :D

yasmine sani pawitra said...

you're such a genius!!

sumpah keren bgt chacha!!!

gw paling ngeri sama yang evil twins,,itu serem ih sumpah!

kamu hebat bgt! kombinasi sempurna pakaian, aksesori dan ekspresi kamu yang kereeeennnn!!!

Marcella said...

sudah lama tidak melihat postingnya blogmu.
miss u so :D

love the 4th pic :)

Fashion is for idiots [like us] said...

you are special. goregous. and awesome!
keep your style up!
love&rockets, Lie

Unknown said...

hi cacaa, ga ada salahnya kita beda sama orang lain .dilihat dari kata2 kamu yang dewasa aku yakin kamu suka banget baca buku ,aku salut sama kamu. Temen2 kamu atau siapapun yang bilang kamu aneh atau apapun mungkin cuma kurang membuka diri dgn perbedaan. Sekali lagi , ga ada salahnya kita berbeda dari orang lain :)

Aki No Yuutsu said...

Just awesome!

Gilbert Ganda said...

evita nuh the lil wonder!
OMG cha! bagus bangettt tuh costume kamuu!

love them so much and nowadays I feel that LBD is the most versatile clothings ever!


Siska Daulika Gultom said...

Menjadi beda dari temen2 kebanyakan, bukan sesuatu yang aneh kok. km hanya out of box aja :)
Tetep jd diri kamu aja yah ^^
btw, koleksi baju hitam km klasik bgt :>

nisa said...

wow evita u're so cute!!!

hanny arianty gultom said...

I miss your post evita..:) and always like your quality post.. it's just add something in your blog..
Btw talking about your sister's advice, later on as you're growing old, you will understand what they said to you,not because you're becoming a naive one, but it's just that make you wiser.. :)
And about prayer, thanks dear for reminding me.. i mean it..
Ohyah seriously, your ice-face expression scared me the most.. hehe..


jambancomel said...

when people say that u r creep ,means that u r unique..

dian said...

hi....its my first comment..
i adore u girl....
I'm 25 years now, and u still amazed're such an inspiration...

sorry for my bad grammar...

every time i open a blog, i choose to be reader, not to be a commentator.'re still 11, and u can make this beautiful blog, beautiful quotes...and though u say your grammar wasn't okay, but all your massages through all photos,words,clothes captured my heart easily...i just think that i should salute u...
you're soo cute, i cant even imagine that tons meaningful word are came out from u,11 years old!!Gosh...
don't worry girl, u're not weird...
you're just different..
in this short periods of life, its okay to be unordinary people (in a positive way of course).about positive,i'm sure that u're in a good hand right?!...
keep blogging...i'm waiting for your next articles..
notes : i wanna see u in a bright color next time (not red/camel/brown/black)pliiissss....
i looove black! a huge fan....
thats all...
sorry again for my bad grammar...
i still hoping u can read it anyway, hehehe...

Leny said...

whoa whoa whoaaa...
yg the crawler kereeeeen :D

Bella Francisca said...

evita! you're really awesomee! black outfit at all, but still cute, ehehe ;) I miss your post anyway!
and you're looked-alike a Goddess at Kingdom Hearts, you know? check my newest post yaa :D

xoxo, missingbee?

oomph. said...

i think you have amazing style...not creepy at all. stay true to yourself and keep buying black dresses!!

Anonymous said...

super duper amazing evita, keep on blogging :) proud of you

Dini said...

real awesome, girl. umurku nggak jauh beda sama kamu, 12 tahun. stay true to yourself, keep rockin with those black dresses, and pray for indonesia always.
baca blog aku yaaa ...

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

great outfits evita :) i love the time traveler, especially for the rings, really loooooveee it! :)

thwany said...

you're adorableee

Julian Tanoto said...

can't say anything but this two words: fabulous & perfect !
your photos such great!

when i roll down this page to write this comment i just read that you're still 11! you really amazed me

keep it up , you've got great talent:)
nce you sell it? really love it <3

(mind to check mine?:)

Julian Tanoto said...

can't say anything but PERFECT!

i just know that you're still 11 when i roll down this page to leave this comment. you really amazed me:)

keep it up, you've got great talent <3

(mind to check mine?:)

Mybe said...

great post!!!, while reading, I kind of forgot you're 11!! love your blog!

Marco Santaniello said...


Miy said...

Superduper cute!! *ehm..and creepy too. but still cute!

Lve you always..
The Picnic Girl

Sarah Taylor Silverwood said...

wonderful! x

StylishForever said...

These shots are super awesome, i love love it! Every single one of the is great and fits the theme extremely well :)

Stay gorgeous!

One Of My Kind Shop said...

OMG! My jaw dropped when I see your blog...

Your are amazing and all the pictures put a smile on my face...

Your parents should be real proud of you..
I always imagined myself doing things like this when I was younger but I guess I cared too much what people I regreted now and it's really breathtaking knowing someone your age really dare to be different :D you gave me heaps of energy and guts!!!

Anonymous said...

absolutely amazing :)

Angela Jessyana said...

whoa i LOVE your rings! such a long and great post! :)

putri soe said...

even though there are some grammatical errors, your writing seems great! i love reading your post even though it's quite long for one :)
keep on going! love your style!

The Spoof.

alia pewe said...

evita, mungkin orang-orang berkata seperti itu karena keunikan kamu yang jarang mereka lihat ada di orang lain

tapi sebenarnya pernah nggak sih kamu berpikir kalau baju yang kamu pakai itu agak kurang cocok dengan umurmu ?

bukannya ingin bilang kalau kamu masih "anak kecil" ya, karena aku pikir kamu pasti udah tau dan udah bosan mendengarnya dari orang lain *ya iyalah*. dan juga bukan karena bajunya nggak cocok dengan kamu, karena dari komen2 dsini aj banyak yang bilang kl kamu cocok dengan baju itu dan tetap terlihat cute.

tapi pada umumnya anak-anak seumurmu memakai baju dengan warna yang lebih cerah dan lebih simpel. nggak ada salahnya sih kamu memakai baju-baju klasik seperti itu, tapi bayangkan ketika kamu sudah berada di umur yang cocok dengan baju seperti itu, bisakah kamu memakai baju di umur yang sekarang (anak umur 11 thn) ?

Buat kamu sih kayaknya jawabannya "bisa bisa aja tuh" secara kamu emg fashionista dan pastinya nggak masalah dengan gaya seperti apapun.

tapi aku yakin kok, banyak pembaca blogmu yang iriii banget sama kamu bisa memakai baju yang lucu2, sedangkan kamunya sendiri lebih suka memakai baju yang menurut aku akan membuat kamu terlihat lebih tua. mungkin sekarang karena kamu belum tumbuh, masih terlihat lucu. tapi ketika kamu udah lebih besar, pasti kamu akan sadar sendiri tentang baju seperti apa yang cocok untuk umurmu

oya, selain ada yang request minta kamu pakai baju warna cerah, aku juga mau request kamu foto yang ekspresif dong. kalo perlu candid juga gapapa. kok sepertinya kamu terlihat muram dan menunjukkan ekspresi tidak senang ya ? apakah kakakmu mengambil fotomu ketika kamu tidak dalam mood yang bagus ? hehe

oya, maaf kalau komennya panjang dan kebanyakan kata "tapi". tetap semangat dan mencintai dunia fashion ya ! ;)

POJOKnya TITUT said...

You are one cutie pie, LOVE your style. Remind me of my niece, Claire. She was 4 years old and gave me a fashion show with clothes that I packed in my suitcase back on 2005. Her favorite line was "Excuse me, I need my privacy" LOL. She cracks us most of the time. Will meet her again on Feb 2011 in LA, I wonder if she is still the same :D. Keep up the post dear ,,,

Nomads Paradise said...

You said you love photography, I do too and I post them on Nomads destination called Paradise. Most of my objects are natures and architectures. Someday I want to capture you cutie Evita :D

daraziivana said...

fabolous photos and outfits !! very fabolous !!
I have same tight from sox gallery <3
visit my blog dear <3


wow cool blog

Unknown said...

MORE THAN BREATH-TAKING! how could you manage to be this superb?? :D young and talented. me lovey


Sybil said...

I looove your rings !

Unknown said...

DaY bY DaY, yOuR FaShioN iS MoRe OuTReGeOuS!!!

ViSiT Me:

Tara Van Calster said...

i just saw youre blog and i really like it :) so im youre new follower.. could you maybe follow me to :)?
kisses from Spain

Puwi said...

you're ARORABLE chacha!!!!! love all of your photos!!

suzsuz said...

You are very matured and creative for your age.. You are an inspiration to me (I'm 23 for god's sakes!! haha..) i love it when you talk bout your dad..its so heartwarming...your dad is a good man and he did a good job raising you condolences to the victims of the volcano eruption..

anggia said...

You are very lucky having a dad like your dad.
He not only meet all your needs -with all good stuffs and everything-,but also enrich your heart with empathy and concern.

you with the fortune that you have could be a selfish spoiled rich kid. but with such a great dad, you'll be far from it

I am admire your father. You are in a good hand kiddo.

It-Blogirls said...

You have a wonderful style
Love all the pictures!

Tamara Suprobo Putri said...

you're amazing! love your blog :)


Jordan M. said...

I never comment on fashion blog before (Not so fashion, i'm more into toilet humor blogs). But seriously, love your stuff here, it's really different than any other blog, the best thing and the most important thing is: you're natural, yeah it is.

Have a nice day, cheers!


Juliana Wina Rome said...

Truly I'm scared to see these pictures. It seems that we can see the devil beside our body.
But this is very creative!

Izumihiiiflower said...

you rock!
i love your vintage style!
so pretty!

lily said...

wow this very good blog, i like your style and fashion, its you wearing sepatu lukis , thank

Dinda Julia ..... said...

love it love it ,seriously like your style , can you follback me ? hehehe

stroberiHITAM said...

dear Evita,
I'm sorry for resurrecting a last year topic, but I found this interesting because I simply see a glimpse of my self on you. I can't stop buying black dresses/shirts/skirts/boots, black-anything; even if I've planned to buy a flowery dress on the way to the boutique, I always ended up bring one gorgeous black dress home. My mom often asks me to wear bright colors, but in fact I can't do that, I just know that bright colors are not for me :p

same way about superstitions, I am not afraid of the dark, nor ghosts. And coming of my age now I've dealt with deaths of people I love; so it roots deeper on me that I shall not afraid of death...

which relates with what your dad explained about the mishaps. It was a huge earthquake in Jogjakarta, and it's surrounds me, the smell of fear and death. it's not anyone's fault, and there's nothing anyone can do to prevent that. Even if there is; well, we can't save the world every single day, ain't we?

feeling guilty for partying and buying cute dresses? donation, baby. you can put a 'garage sale' tag for your previous clothes n switch a great amount from those into something more useful for people who needs more.

or recycling.
or buying handmade stuff.
or...many things!

young and wild and free, the possibilities are endless...

chin up, and have a great day! :) hugs! Lois

Jordan Roark said...

Yours is not only a wonderful blog, but the photo of the Evil Twins is a real classic. Brilliant idea and almost unconceivable that ypu have done it yourself. And to associate it with the Strindberg quote is something that hints of a genius inside you. And every genius has a dark side - at least some of the time.

Anonymous said...

Love this concept!!!(((((:

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