15 January, 2009


in my last holiday we do some swim-swim! ahh thank god that day sun show up all day! i love rainy days ( but i prefer cloudy day tough )but now i miss summer so much! my sist take some photos of me that day.
at dinner me and all my cousin play "guess what it is" its fun game! ( i'm thrilled when i know my sist take some snaps )


TheStepster said...

ah hotness at 9 ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're so cute! After looking through all your blog posts, I have to say that you have a fabulous sense of style!!

Thanks for commenting on my blog :).

Unknown said...

i'm glad to be an inspiration! you are so adorable x]
come back any time girly xx

Allie said...

I was looking at your previous posts, that is some SERIOUS legwear missy! Awesome.

evita nuh said...

to :

the stepster : hehehhe, thank you but i already 10 that day :)

carlita : you just make my day! thank youu :) i love your blog! and your style too!

fashion trix : you really do! and believe me you are adorable sist!

hot bot : aww thank you :D i love them too!!

hugs and big kisses for ya'll


Your blog is great. I love the name! =] thanks for your comment and yes, I must agree with what you said- OPI is the very best nail colour EVER! =]


petrushkabiel said...

senangnya berenanggggggggg, look cute on that bikini ;) fotonya juga, selalu bagus ^,^

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures!

thanks for stopping by my blog!

Isabel said...

Cute pics! Looks like you had fun :)

Syed said...

Haha what fun photos :)

Athena. said...

I absolutely love your blog :D
You have amazing clothes ;D especially your tights ♥

Putri Erdisa Januarti said...

aw!! thank you very much dear for following my blog!! you're so damn cute girl! xD

evita nuh said...

♥ fashion chalet : they are they are! :D

♥ petrushkabiel : thank you kak :D ini fotonya sih kakakku yang foto :)

♥ emma : my pleasure :) love your blog :D

evita nuh said...

♥ Isabel : thank you :D and that day is a blast :D

♥ dapper kid : hahahha thank you. it is fun!

♥ athena : thank you :) you just make my day :D

Anonymous said...

How old r u sis?
Your pics so cool!

evita nuh said...

@ evelynpy : thank you! she's twenty something i guess, i'll ask her when she got home :)

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