25 June, 2012

“My two favorite colors of the rainbow are gold and leprechaun -- Jarod Kintz

Remember my last post about how I've been hunt  eye-ing Toshiba M840? Well oh well ladies and gentlemen, it seems that I've been a very good girl lately and in result.... tadddaaaaa look what's in my hand now! yeaaah your eyes certainly don't lie, it is the one!

As a person who loves to blog, browse and doing pretty much anything with her laptop, I really believe I need a good one for laptop. For me is just like when you in a trip or something, the thing that will determine whether it will be a fun trip or not is whom you go with. If your mate is one cranky, boring person then I can assure you, your trip will be like hell on earth, vice versa if you go with a fun and easy going person it will be one happy trip. And I consider this new Toshiba M840 is just like a very good mate, a person who makes you think there's no one else you rather go with. Hmm, I'm still thinking the right words to describe it, probably hmmm... probably dependable yes definitely dependable. If I have to go for a trip I would like someone who unshakeable and can deal with pretty much anything, and not easy to break, and that exactly my new Toshiba is, yes I won't mind to have Toshiba M840 as my mate. 

My dad is also very into laptop and technology thingies (well, now you know where I got my enthusiasm for technology from, I believe is running in my blood) so he is very happy seeing me pay a full attention to every detail and specification before I choose anything and not just that, I also learn about plus and minus of every product before I choose one. The one thing that very crucial for me a very impatient person who always get cranky if there's a moment I think just wasting my time when choosing a laptop is from the start moment, I just can't stand laptop that takes a life time that seems like forever in eternity to start (yesss drama queen mode switch ON hahaha but it really feels that looooong) so I'm in love when I found out that this sweet pie of my (read. Toshiba M840) is running like a wild horse, its start so fast! It’s about 30% faster than the others, cool aight? For me it's love at the first sight.

Another thing is, I just started to learn more about photography and can't stop gathering information and collected many pictures from various photographer as my inspiration and to do justice for they work, I really need laptop with high resolution, I love how sharp and clear this Toshiba is, they promise me a high definition from this sweet pie and they keep their promise, again I'm sold! 

And my friend, I've been back and forth about which color do I have to choose, actually I think pink or blue? Blue or pink? But then I saw the gold one! And BAM! Mi amor! I lOVE IT! It's so chic don't ya think?  I guess it’s right what Gerald M Loeb said that the desire for gold is the most universal and deeply rooted commercial instinct of the human race, hahaha so it’s more like basic instinct right? They told me it's called gold blaze, the color somehow reminds me of Sahara or Safari! Feels very adventury (yes, I just made a new word) but chic at the same time! You agree with me right? 

Well if you in love as much as I do, you can do your research just by go to Toshiba  Satellite M840 website, from there you can choose which one is more you. 

hat : from France
blazer : EVITANUH (yes my newest design! :) ) 
Bag : steve madden
watch : marc jacobs
pants : Zara 
shoes : MUJI 

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21 June, 2012

Lend me your ear will you...

This post was made just to show you guys that, well.... yes I'm pretty much still alive and no I'm not trying to win award for the worst blogger ever, ( but if that award really exist I'm quite sure that I'll be nominated, hehehe).  Well, first thing to say after my long ( okay, super long...) gone, please don't get mad at me, I'm really sorry  and I'll take the blame this time, my bad, (yes you are right I don't have any excuses left to give you all...but is abducted by aliens for the second time works for you? No? ok, my bad again for trying...) Hehehe. Well I hope you don't mind lend me your ear, I got something to tell you...

For you who follow my twitter and wondering where my hijab post is, well it's still in the process, been known to have all the things perfect all my live, yes you can say it I'm a bit perfectionist, for me if it's not perfect then better not to do it at all. My tailor probably the best person who can tell you how is not easy to please me. I keep coming back and forth to fix many things and of course there also other things,  you see fabric hunting, making the designs, decide which fabric to choose (and use), calculate how many fabric that I need, looking for neat and hard working tailor and so many little things (yet frustrating) to do, isn't easy task. I repeat it isn't easy at all. Working all this out is one of reason I've been away this whole time plus I've got some project that I'm not able to share yet, but soon! I promise I will share it as soon as possible, trust me I've been work all the hours that God sends.

Since I'm kinda in a one man show now which means I'm doing it all by myself is also frustrating, but weirdly frustrating in a fun way, you might found it weird, but I like being under pressure. Yes I am weird that way hehehe.  But there's also times when everything is seems like out of my hand and everything seems goes wrong if it's not one thing it's another...   I sometimes feel I'm running out of steam. This kind of moment makes me realized how I'm still just a little kid after all, but I have a dream and I believe action speak louder than words. I don't believe you can get what you want just by dreaming and mumbo jumbo about it. I just say to myself the higher the mountain the more beautiful the view is. Giving up word is not in my book. 

"When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal,
 you do not change your decision to get there"
- Zig Ziglar

"Hard work doesn't guarantee success, but improves its chances" 
- B.J. Gupta

My dad thought me since I'm very little that in life there's so many obstacles that I must face and he also told me Rome wasn't build in a day, everything needs process and hard work. If anything I'm proud about myself is that I'm a hard worker, a really good one. I'm willing to take the extra mile, even bend over backward if I have to for everything to be perfect. I hate when someone say everything that I achieved is because I'm lucky, well in my humble opinion we make our own luck. What make it more difficult is that everything that I do is because I want to, no one asked me and no told me what to do, why is difficult? Because that means I'm my own boss and I'm also the workers so everything is up to me, that means I have to be able to control myself which is not easy. But hell yeah, I'll try my best, come hell or high water. 

"Have regulars hours for works and play, make each day both useful and pleasant, and prove that you understand the worth of time by employing it well. Then youth will be delightful, old age will bring few regrets, and life will become beautiful success."
- Louisa May Alcott

Crazy schedules is crazy! Disregard how I enjoy the process and the work is, sometimes I scream for a day of! Like several days ago when the weather is just perfect (and I think I need to make outfit post too) I decided to take a pictures that allow me to have fun at the same time, and what can be more fun than take a day off and have a picnic? And picnic all by yourself is won't as fun as with your friend right? well since it's a sudden plan and I have no friends available, I make my own friends. I always try to make a post with a story, let's just say these two are twin with different personality. One is so girly and calm while the other is more boyish and funny. Who do you like the most?

Like always a picture worth thousand words. I challenge you to make a story from this pictures hehehe... and oh by the way you will find so many of my smiling face that showing my super huge big teeth, because probably you will miss it for quite long time, because I will wear braces soon :)

Girly one
Hat : a gift :)
watch : Rolex (my sister's )
polkadot dress : EVITANUH
shoes : argyle and oxford

Boyish one
Polkadot shirt : EVITANUH
Vest : Lanvin
knitted shawl worn as turban : Nikicio
knitted pants : Nikicio 

15 June, 2012

Stronger one

Holla people! Just make a little back to share a good news to you all! Hehehe…  For those who read my blog for years might be already knew that I’m quite a gadget freak. Games, mobile phone and laptop and other gadgets, I keep my eyes on the technology, new invention and always curious about it. If you asked me two things I can’t live without (other than family and friends of course) are my mobile phone and my laptop. Seriously sometimes I can’t stop wondering how people live before laptop invented, how is that even possible?  But lately it’s been a love and hate between my old laptop and me, It’s start to frozen every time I got something important to do and yes it frustrated me, big time! But my bad actually, I think I abused it way too hard. Like I said, I do pretty much everything with it, school things, editing, writing, games and every other thousand thing. Especially since I work as a part timer photo editor the abused getting more worse hehehe. So I think my old laptop is kindda had enough with me, hehehehe. Well oh well I think I need to find a stronger one.

Talking about the stronger one, I’ve been eyeing this one, it’s Toshiba Satellite M840 been, from what I heard Toshiba is in winning team when you talking about strong laptop ( which is I really need right now) I have my heart on it the first time I saw it on the internet ( yes call me geek, but one of my guilty pleasure is browsing around about new gadget ) and their tagline which is “reflection of you” is sold me! I still can’t decide what color I have to choose, it’s a cold war between blue and pink, we will see who’s going to win this war. Hehehe, or tell me which one is the best ? blue or pink? Which one do you think reflects me more?

Buuuut there’s one tiny problem, you see not long ago my sisters just bought me xbox 360 and my dad just bought new lens for me, so I guess, it’s not a good time for me to ask for new laptop, hehehe. Buuuuutttt (yes another long but) I’m on fire when I found out that I can get that shining Toshiba (is it just my eyes or it really shines I’m not really sure hahaha) with only IDR. 1000.000,- it’s about 100 $, yes! Your eyes don’t lie or typo, it really is $ 100! Crazy right? I know! all you have to do is click the like button on Toshiba facebook page  and get yourself a queue number and stay tuned at Toshiba Fan page because they are going to "let go" queue number, which can be contested. To get a queue number, which is more forward, we must "check in” simply by click the link at the fan page it will be calculated and checked in and you will got yourself a point, which you can check on your mobile phone too!  30 participants who later on the highest point at the end of the feeder will get Toshiba Satellite M840 for $ 100 of which the market price is about $ 800.For further information You can read about it in here  they call it  Toshiba & Intel Satellite Queue 

And there’s some reason I want this piece so much more, here it is :

  1. since I’m quite a movie geek, it really makes me more wants it more when I heard that this Toshiba M840 is able to elevate standard definition images up to high definition quality with Toshiba TV technology
  2. It got power saving eco utility (it’s so important!)
  3. You just hate it when someone open and use your laptop without permission right? Me to! so it’s a top notch for me when I learned that it for security, this piece got smartface technology which enables system login by face recognition! Awesome right? My laptop won’t open if it wasn’t me!

You know sharing thing might minimize my chances to win, but I have a good heart you know, hehehe I like to share good news.  So caaan’t wait to have it on my hand, new laptop come to mama! Hehehe wish me luck ok! And good luck to you too!

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